Well, update your bookmarks

The Rick Blog v. 3.0 has a new name, and a new location. Click the link below to go, and for more rationale, check after the jump:

The Buffet Plate

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This might just alienate both of my readers … Continue reading

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Work and non-work collide

Today was a fine day in the work world … I got to produce something that (1) really interests me and (2) I can actually say something about (in other words, present an informed opinion).

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First time, long time

Things are good.

I think I stopped updating because things have been good.

Also, let’s face it … no one was reading. I mean after all, I never said anything controversial, or informative, and, well, we don’t have kids, so … that about covers the reasons why someone would read a blog, right?

I don’t know if can change that, but, oh well, let’s see what I can come up with. Continue reading

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Guaranteed to Fail in the nasty o-ten: OSCAR PICKS!

Alright it’s that time of year … Sunday is the Oscars, so, here are my picks for the year.

Based on a conversation with Melanie, I guess I should clarify: All picks are made as if I was a voting member of the AMPAS. I do like to keep track as to how many of my picks/votes win, since I’m obviously right 🙂

So, without any further ado, here we go:

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OMG! TXT! Vol. 1

Because the best illustrations in life are seen in those in-between moments, I’m debuting a new feature — OMG! TXT! — which will be funny snippets taken from text messages, IM conversations, e-mails, etc.
So with that in mind ….

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Today, if you didn’t know, is National Signing Day — the day where high school football players across the nation sign their letters of intent and send them in to the school of their choice, locking them into an athletic scholarship.

In recent years, recruiting has taken on a life of its own, with “recruitniks” following the battles, scrutinizing every potential comment or “tell” of a top-flight recruit and analyzing their school’s incoming class.

It is in that vein that I give you this, one of the great recruiting battles of our time:

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