First time, long time

Things are good.

I think I stopped updating because things have been good.

Also, let’s face it … no one was reading. I mean after all, I never said anything controversial, or informative, and, well, we don’t have kids, so … that about covers the reasons why someone would read a blog, right?

I don’t know if can change that, but, oh well, let’s see what I can come up with.

I’m currently watching Anderson Cooper 360, or as the kids would say AC360. They’re talking about this whole immigration flap in Arizona. For work purposes, I’ve been keeping tabs on it. In fact, I was able to write a little something on the subject very early on.

At work, there was a slight, yet humorous, disagreement on Cypress Hill’s announcement that they were canceling a show in Tuscon, citing SB1070. The initial reaction was “let’s get that up.” Then I spoke up …

“They’re still performing?”

I cited “III: Temples of Boom” as their last album of consequence, and that was stretching the term “album of consequence.”

So let’s review — Cypress Hill and Shakira are the only two musical acts to come out against SB1070? Whoooooooooooooooooooo. That will bring Arizona to its knees for sure!

But, we laugh now … it’s only a matter of time …

C’mon … you know he won’t be able to resist changing out Old Glory for the Bandera de Mexico in that jacket … perhaps to a reworked version of “Where the Streets Have No Name,” I mean, after all, a lot of places where the illegals travel once they cross the border have no streets, and what streets they do have likely have no names. It’s a perfect fit, is it not?

Eh, whatever. Let them protest. I mean, even I, as someone who does come down hard on the “super conservative / DERP! TEAPARTY!” side of the issue (for better or worse, usually worse), doesn’t think SB1070 is the best way to attack the problem of illegal immigration.

I usually think these celeb protests are a little silly. Mostly because (call me shallow), but, I can’t take them seriously, since they are more B-plus-List instead of A-list. Know what I mean?

Oh yes, Cypress Hill? I said that you were “B-plus-List.” You’re welcome.


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