Work and non-work collide

Today was a fine day in the work world … I got to produce something that (1) really interests me and (2) I can actually say something about (in other words, present an informed opinion).

Today’s topic? Unicron claiming another victim.

Now, of course, I obviously couldn’t go so far as to use my “ESPN as Unicron” metaphor, but, it was something I could speak quickly and decisively on. I do stand by my statement — SEC football and ACC hoops are the two silver tuna franchises in college sports.

Sorry Notre Dame. Sorry Big Ten. Sorry Pac, um, what’s this “Pac 10”? They have college football on the West Coast? Who knew.

Those are the biggies, and now ESPN has both of them under their umbrella. They paid out the nose to get them both, but I think it will pay dividends for sure.

And, if you don’t get the “ESPN as Unicron” metaphor, enjoy the opening scene from “Transformers: The Movie,” except try to imagine this to a soundtrack of Big & Rich …

We’re comin’ … to yo’ citaaaaaaaaaay!


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