This might just alienate both of my readers …I’ve dabbled in this blogging gig for quite some time. Many moons ago, when I first migrated over to Mac, I had a .Mac (now MobileMe) account, and part of that was a virtual disk that acted almost like a server for blogging.

When I decided to stop paying for .Mac, I moved over here. I honestly had full intention of replicating the entirety of my old site. I promise. The problem was … honestly, it was a big pain in the tuckus. The one thing I do actually regret is not getting all of my old picture albums recreated on Picasa.

Now, all of that old content still exists, mind you, but it is here on the laptop.

I’ve found that, especially in the last year (and I think my posting or lack thereof will back this up), it’s just been harder to give commentary of any sort of nature, nevermind witty and/or insightful. It’s a double-edged sword of both lack of time and energy.

It is in that vein that I’m pondering a move of blogging to the Tumblr platform. Note, that just says “pondering.” Nothing’s definite by a long shot.

I like the short form of the Tumblr deal … link off, offer a short and sweet commentary and move on. In some ways, it’s like a more legitimate form of Twitter … and in case you haven’t noticed, my Twitter is much more active than this bad boy, since it’s just easy to bang off thoughts in 140-character bundles.

My only reservation is when I do have the urge to go on these long-winded rambles that I still retain the ability to do so. Truthfully, I would want to play by the rules in the Tumblverse, and if that type of stuff isn’t allowed or easily hidden behind a cut tag, then maybe I should look elsewhere.

Regardless … if there is a move, either I will import all of the WordPress stuff over, or I will leave this site up as an “archive” of sorts.

One thing, don’t interpret this as a swipe at WordPress. I dig WordPress, but, it appears that my needs have changed/evolved/however you want to put it.

I’ll leave it as an analogy: It’s not unlike why I have a Wii instead of a PS3/Xbox360 — sure I like the fancy-pants graphics and other techno-firepower offered by the PS3/360, but, frankly, the Wii is just fun. And, at this point, “fun” trumps “power.”

With the PS3/360, I could stay up until all hours playing online battles of “Halo” or “Call of Duty” in ZOMG! HDeeeeee!!!

However, I much prefer an evening playing “Wii Sports Resort” or “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” with Melanie and/or other friends. There’s no “right” or “wrong” answer … just a look at where we are and where we’re going.


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