Well, update your bookmarks

The Rick Blog v. 3.0 has a new name, and a new location. Click the link below to go, and for more rationale, check after the jump:

The Buffet Plate

So the big thing is, of course, moving from WordPress to Tumblr.

As you can see when you click through, there are a few “entries” already there, from where I was messing around with Tumblr before deciding to pack up and move to the new neighborhood.

The Tumblr system is very easy to use, and it goes out of its way to make it easy. Little things like a bookmarklet that posts things to the Tumblr, like, say interesting articles I read at work.If you’ve kept up with my Twitter feed at all, you’ll note that I keep that bad boy pretty up-to-date. Why? Simple, easy, and the form factor is such that you keep it short intentionally. Say what you want about what you want. No need to get verbose about it.

Other random questions about the move, in no particular order:

Feelings on WordPress? I dig WordPress a lot. It’s a great system, and I have no qualms. But, because it is so robust, it almost is too powerful for my needs as I see them right now.

So, what, will the new blog just be a bunch of random pictures and stuff? That will be part of it. It’s easy to share “quick hitter” things through Tumblr.

Does this mean no more long, drawn out posts? In some sense, yes. See, I’ve always liked maintaining a blog, I really have. The problem is, while at work, especially, I’d see an article or something, I’d think “wow, that’s cool … and I can speak to the subject.” But, by the time I’d get home, I had either forgotten about it, or just didn’t feel like doing anything. Why? Because I felt like I had to write a magnum opus each time. Hence, my comment about Twitter being easier to maintain because it “forces” you to be brief. In some ways, that’s how Tumblr does its thing.

But don’t worry … long, verbose posts on things like, hmmm, South Carolina winning the baseball championship, perhaps? Yeah, that will come.

So what’s becoming of this blog? I think it’s possible to move the content over … but, for the time being, I plan on leaving this blog as it is, you know, as an archive. A lot of fun stuff happened during the “Project Codename” era.

What’s with the name “Buffet Plate”? I’m really bad at coming up with names for stuff like this. In fact, that was the irony of “Project Codename.” It was meant as a wink and a nod to cool names given to secret projects at big corporations. Plus, I honestly couldn’t come up with anything better.

This time, it was easy. The Tumblr did have a different name during its “beta testing,” but, the “Bffet Plate” name came to me, and it seemed so ideal:

  • Easy to remember
  • Evocative of the Tumblr experience (lots of little things on a plate, much like a buffet)
  • It’s an inside joke having to do with a movie (obvs)

So there you go. It’s been fun here … but time to mosey along … see you on the other side, kiddies.


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