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OMG! TXT! Vol. 1

Because the best illustrations in life are seen in those in-between moments, I’m debuting a new feature — OMG! TXT! — which will be funny snippets taken from text messages, IM conversations, e-mails, etc.
So with that in mind ….

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Today, if you didn’t know, is National Signing Day — the day where high school football players across the nation sign their letters of intent and send them in to the school of their choice, locking them into an athletic scholarship.

In recent years, recruiting has taken on a life of its own, with “recruitniks” following the battles, scrutinizing every potential comment or “tell” of a top-flight recruit and analyzing their school’s incoming class.

It is in that vein that I give you this, one of the great recruiting battles of our time:

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Lost art

One thing that I lament about television today (other than the overall lack of quality) is the lack of classic opening themes! Continue reading

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Goin’ to the chap-el o’ looooove

It’s odd to think that I had to get married in order to participate in a wedding. I had several friends and family take the plunge well before I did, but, I was never a part of the wedding itself.

Well, it changes tomorrow as one of my best friends on the planet, John, walks that aisle, and I will be up there as a groomsman.

I must say that in some respects, I barely remember all of the preparation/pre-wedding stuff that happened with us back in January (combination of nerves, sickness, etc.)

I think it will be interesting to see the whole wedding thing from the inside without being THE top active participant (at least on the guys’ side).

Hopefully, it will be a fun time of internal reflection to remember the fun I had a few months ago and continue to have with Melanie.

It’s a special time, and hopefully that sentiment will be only strengthened after the next 48 or so hours.

Until then, I’m a busy boy! Rehearsal tonight, followed by the dinner, followed by one final night of freedom for John. Tomorrow morning, weather permitting, I have a softball doubleheader, followed by riding around to get where we’re going, getting ready, then it’s the wedding, followed by the cocktail hour, followed by dinner, followed by probably not a lot of sleep time.

Get all that?

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Ho ho ho

Santa thinks you’ve been naughty …


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Dat’s good eatin’, chere

This is the best story you’ll read in the Observer this week. No question.

The only thing is … if these guys had been LSU fans, we would know what was on the menu for the tailgate Saturday.

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Don’t you people have homes?


Every time I read about these wackos, I think of the words of that sage of our time … Continue reading

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