Born to Run (?)

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
-John Bingham

This quote from a blog entry from Charlotte Observer running enthusiast (and deadly leadoff hitter in softball) Theoden Janes empowered me as I set off into uncharted territory this morning.

For the first time, I ran in an official race — The “Jingle Jog 5K” as part of the big Thunder Road Marathon here in Charlotte. Continue reading



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The Constant

As pumped up as I am thinking about this weekend’s game, I can’t help but remember what all went on this time last year and the whole weird/funny/inexplicable/stressful/wouldn’t-trade-it-for-anything relationship I have with Gamecock football.

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A group of random thoughts … many of which are too inane for Twitter:


At the risk of angering my friends who occupy the fringes of both ends of the political spectrum — I watch both MSNBC and Fox News.


In the last 10 minutes on both channels, I’ve seen the close up of Tom Delay shaking his tuckus on “Dancing With the Stars” several times. I’m scarred.


I have trouble talking with anyone else named “Rick.” It’s so … awkward.


Seriously … Lou Holtz and Brad Scott — where’s my check?


So far, so good on football season. Big game Thursday night. Can’t wait!

New fairgrounds parking? I like it. New seat location? I like it. Yet, some Gamecock fans complain … I guess they just like to complain.


Since I skipped my 10-year reunion to go sit through a tropical depression to watch USC play LSU, I have no idea what to expect at Melanie’s reunion this weekend.


Rachel Maddow … um … I don’t get it. Her appeal is what, exactly?


I haven’t run in several days. I’m going to wind up regretting that.


Life is good.

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Wow … I can’t believe that it’s been (almost literally) forever since my last post.

Here’s what you need to know:

– Melanie’s birthday was last week. It was a whirlwind between Charlotte and Cheraw. I took her to see “Harry Potter” on her actual birthday, then made her a special breakfast that weekend. Fun!

– I have a kidney stone. It has yet to come out. I’m on medication that is usually used on people that have overactive bladders to make them STOP. For me, however, it’s the, um, OPPOSITE. Oh, and it feels like Benadryl, except with more stank. Yay.

– Church softball. Big MEH all season. It should be over Monday. Thank goodness.

– 35 days to kickoff. Found out tonight that I will be attending the first game against NCSTATE. WOOT!.

– Married life continues to be WOOT! as well. Friday will be the official six-month anniversary.

– Saw a Michael Jackson tribute band and a Talking Heads tribute band during two consecutive weeks at Alive After Five. The Jacko tribute was especially good and well-attended. A great party scene.

– We’ve blazed through every season of “Lost” currently on DVD and are currently blazing through “Breaking Bad.” Thanks, Netflix!

More to come … I hope, anyway. If you’re of the Twitterin’ persuasion, do take note that I do update Twitter frequently with inane observations and remarks, since it’s very easy to do at work and on the bus on the CrackBerry. Yay, connectivity!

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Lost art

One thing that I lament about television today (other than the overall lack of quality) is the lack of classic opening themes! Continue reading

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I’m just saying

If it had been the Gamecocks involved in the 25-inning game o’ doom, you can bet the farm that Ron Morris would have had a scathing column ready to go about how Ray Tanner is RUINING HIS PITCHER’S ARM …

In the Longest game in NCAA history, Wood pitched 13 innings, including 12 1-3 of no hit ball, before the Longhorns pulled out a 3-2 win in a 25-inning epic.

Wood threw 169 pitches, struck out 14 and gave up two hits. All of that after pitching two innings in a 3-1 win over Army the night before to earn his 15th save of the season.

I wouldn’t mind the stupid diatribes from Teh St4te if they were, you know, consistent.

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Goin’ to the chap-el o’ looooove

It’s odd to think that I had to get married in order to participate in a wedding. I had several friends and family take the plunge well before I did, but, I was never a part of the wedding itself.

Well, it changes tomorrow as one of my best friends on the planet, John, walks that aisle, and I will be up there as a groomsman.

I must say that in some respects, I barely remember all of the preparation/pre-wedding stuff that happened with us back in January (combination of nerves, sickness, etc.)

I think it will be interesting to see the whole wedding thing from the inside without being THE top active participant (at least on the guys’ side).

Hopefully, it will be a fun time of internal reflection to remember the fun I had a few months ago and continue to have with Melanie.

It’s a special time, and hopefully that sentiment will be only strengthened after the next 48 or so hours.

Until then, I’m a busy boy! Rehearsal tonight, followed by the dinner, followed by one final night of freedom for John. Tomorrow morning, weather permitting, I have a softball doubleheader, followed by riding around to get where we’re going, getting ready, then it’s the wedding, followed by the cocktail hour, followed by dinner, followed by probably not a lot of sleep time.

Get all that?

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